C Mantle’s ‘Wie Es Eigentlich Gewesen Ist’ EP

Regular listeners to the Mantis Radio show will have heard C. Mantle crop up before. With a showcase mix back in the 1st year of broadcast, as well as a follow up showcase extra. He also performed at Plex in London last year, of which, yes, we have the archive recording. Hopefully you’ve gathered that we here at Darkfloor HQ are somewhat fans of his work.

This is his latest release, 3 tracks that take no prisoners. Together with the rather excellent Myuzyk label we have the Wie Es Eigentlich Gewesen Ist EP, which you can download for free. Sharp, direct and unique sound, heavily in both the electro and techno camps.

Myuzyk first became aware of Chris Mantle’s detailed brand of electronic music in 2005 through an interview and session hosted by Basterdized. Recent releases with Handsette and Subgrade explore finely tuned techno and steppy rhythms that sound like it’s been made on a computer infected by an extra terrestrial intelligence. For ‘Wie Es Eigentlich Gewesen Ist‘ there’s an emphasis on powerful bass, sharp percussion, shifting layers and patterns weaving a web that brings with it darkness and raised aural perception.

C Mantle – Wie Es Eigentlich Gewesen Ist

C Mantle – L Mink
C Mantle – P Ricoeur
C Mantle – J Jameson


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