Player – Infamous Player Rarities

There’s a bloody good reason for my sheer unwilingness to listen to (most) modern Techno.

And by that I mean, the charty stuff. The more commercial stylings. The shit they churn out and cram into bi-weekly emails.

I used to think I was just getting older. While that may be the case, that in no way effects my taste. Shit, it isn’t even a matter of taste any more. It’s more sort of an inability to digest fecal matter in any happy fashion.

I digress. I could wax lyrical all day about modern wank Techno.

Anyway, Player. For those of you that don’t know, there’s no longer any reason not to know.

Why should I listen to this, Danny?
Well, gather round you little monkeys, let me tell you:

01. Player 029 B1
02. Player is a collective of some of the best “Technoists” that you’ll ever listen to: Jon Nuccle, Mark Turner, Pete Simpson and Richard Wilkinson (Ignition Technician).
03. The Techno put out by the collective was tuned specifically for the dancefloor. It’s relentless. In your face. Somewhat loopy. And splattered with Ghetto / Hip-Hop vibes.
04. There’s also a sample from the movie Dead Mans Shoes (tell me which one and I’ll give you a lollypop).
05. Player 029 B1
06. Ben Sims, Mark Broom and Marco Bailey have also graced the label.
07. Player 029 B1
08. Twenty one rarities that are absolutely free to download.

And I don’t know whether I mentioned this; Player 029 B1.

So, that being said, you’ll thank me later. Send naked pictures of yourself.

Infamous Player Rarities

Player – Player 013 A1
Player – Player 008 A1
Player – Player 029 B1
Player – Player 025 B2
Player – Player 005 A1
Player – Player 001 B1
Player – Player 001 A1
Player – Player 033 A1
Player – Player 012 A1 (remix)
Player – Player 018 A1
Player – Player 017 A1
Player – Player 017 B2
Player – Player 012 (Marco Bailey remix 2)
Player – Player 001 B1 (remix)
Player – Player 008 B1
Player – Player 005 B2
Player – Glitch
Player – Revamp
Player – Lynch The Landlord
Player – Kaos Rave
Player – Quadrophobia


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