Duskky – Wokka Wokka EP / Wonkay

Multi bpm dubfunk bass merchant Duskky has just dropped a new three track EP on open minded electronics pushing label Wonkay. Short story. It’s good.

If you caught his superb session on Mantis Radio earlier this year you’ll know just how skilled this man can be with beats and bass. In fact his sessions penultimate tune; Tension, is featured on this EP. And the Bristol beatsmith doesn’t hold back on Wokka Wokka either; this is trippy and evolving stuff with bags of oomph.

The swagger present in opener Somatoform is enough to get even the most rigid of back room chin strokers moving their hips. Tension presents upfront swirls of synth, broken rhythms and drum edits which makes for a darker vibed track. One just ripe for throwing the dancefloor off and into a different no less pumping space. Big, clever and rather on the stomping side if you don’t mind me saying.

Finally Dynamite starts deep before going tribal and then opening out into a half step roller. Drum licks, big bass and amen cut aways. What’s not to love. Dope. As.

Also, whilst we’re on the subject of Duskky, if you missed our interview with him back in January, worry not and take 5 minutes now to catch up.

Duskky – Wokka Wokka EP

Duskky – Somatoform
Duskky – Tension
Duskky – Dynamite


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