Axiom 23 – Hidden Agenda EP

From new on the block Swedish netlabel, the wonderfully named Radio Of The Pickled Gizmo – comes this six track EP of machine electro. The work of Axiom 23.

Who Axiom 23 is and where they are from, I don’t know. I can’t find any other music or reference to them outside of this EP. If anyone knows who they are, get in touch. We’re interested in hearing more from and about this producer/s.

The music on the Hidden Agenda EP is your basic electro 101 really; jacking rhythms machine groove stripped back to the core of the sound.

There’s the sci-fi vibe bleep synth on System that morphs into a vocoded “snare drum bass” vocal loop. Blunted has rising synth wiggles and robotic gargles, as Mad Wax of City of Bass would say, this has the kopfnicken in abundance.

Line is perhaps the bleakest offering on the EP. A looping groove perpetuated by atmospherics, this one is verging on an industrial soundscape. In the presentation of the EP it’s a transistion track, an interlude. Standing on its own it’s a headspace piece many of the deep and dark techno selectors should find a home for.

200 Days is pretty much the most defined and honed of the tracks on offer I feel. The lush early Detroit style synth flows over the tight drum programming; in many ways this is the classic electro track. It’s got the dystopian vibe, the locked down machine groove and not much else. Reductive but effective.

Axiom 23 isn’t offering any new directions in the electro world, they are offering six decent tracks to add to your collection and the underground DJs who remain true and steady playing electro to their audience.

Axiom 23 – Hidden Agenda EP

Axiom 23 – Figure Skating
Axiom 23 – Monthly
Axiom 23 – System
Axiom 23 – Blunted
Axiom 23 – Line
Axiom 23 – 200 Days


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