Roberto Ayensa – Continue to Follow

One of things that strikes me about netlabels and netaudio is that you’re constantly hit with new producers who are making great sound but are overlooked for the more established producers releasing their work, arguably more traditionally, through the big download stores and record shops (well the few that defiantly make their stand). Zimmer Records is a netlabel that focuses on techno and largely succeeds in delivering a catalogue of artists and releases I like.

Robert Ayensa, is one such artist and is one that prior to this morning I had never heard of thou has since become one where I’m quite keen to hear more of. Continue to Follow is a 4 track EP touching bass with the darker driving realms of techno. Opener Dible is a strong piece to begin with (and my favourite of the 4); that overriding mean metallic drone unsettles you as the tight beat programming thunders over you.

EDF continues in the same vein but with a more frantic broken style to the beats with stabs of lasers showing support. Gaba Hey is the straightest track so far and builds into a torrent of granite infused attack uniformly fractured by sharp hihats. Murky lively headspace material.

Finally we head into R Dex, another strong hitter that isn’t messing around with it’s tight locked industrially coloured groove. Those of you looking for relentless heavy percussion will find much to like with these tracks.

Roberto Ayensa – Continue to Follow

Roberto Ayensa – Dible
Roberto Ayensa – EDF
Roberto Ayensa – Gaba Hey
Roberto Ayensa – R Dex
cat: ZIMMER076


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