Mc94 – Distances 7ca / Offaudio

Always enjoy a new release from the Spanish techno netlabel Offaudio. So when their 69th release Distances 7ca by Mc94 hit my news feed this morning I couldn’t wait to unwrap the digital wrapping paper, or in other words, unzip it. What we’ve got are four bass rich, yet understated techy 4/4 tracks.

The first track of the EP – Oceanic Darkness, is deep, and rolling with proggy vibes, whilst Mindcontrol is more broken in nature. Stepping bouncy bass stabs overlayed with fuzzy edged hats. Revenge takes no prisoners kicking straight into a pounding kick infused with a heavy sub. Fierce hats roll in to give a great warehouse track to disconnect with on the dancefloor. Fantastic stuff. Ending the EP is Visions, a deep glitch blended broken technoid affair with a heavy influence coming in from dark electro.

Quality EP this. Highly recommended Darkfloor vibes.

Mc94 – Distances 7ca

Mc94 – Oceanic Darkness
Mc94 – Mindcontrol
Mc94 – Revenge
Mc94 – Visions


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