C Mantle

Mantis presents C Mantle – PROMO MIX

The 6th Mantis presents: comes from the upcoming producer C Mantle. He’s presented his unique blend of electronica, glitched techno and electro as great mix of current and new work of his.


C Mantle vs G3 – Isle Of Dogs V2 [unreleased]
C Mantle – Untitled [unreleased]
C Mantle – Konsumer Produkt [unreleased]
C Mantle – Fret Net [Digital Distortions]
C Mantle vs G3 – Isle Of Dogs V1 [unreleased]
C Mantle – Nabuko’s Grotesk Pt2 [unreleased]
C Mantle – Universal Theme [Subgrade Records]
C Mantle – 10,000 Fingers Of Dr.T [Spacebar Sentiments]
Nymate Association – Systems Online (C Mantle remix) [Subgrade Records]
C Mantle – Untitled [unreleased]
C Mantle – Dancehall Pin-Up Version 1 [unreleased]
C Mantle – Nabuko’s Grotesk Pt1 [unreleased]
C Mantle – I Would If I Could… [Spacebar Sentiments]
C Mantle – That Other Eden [Handsette]
C Mantle – Cia Clix [Digital Distortions]
C Mantle – Theme From Cia Clix [unreleased]
C Mantle – 68-02 [For Stephen] [Digital Distortions]

Thanks to Chris.


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