An interview with qebrus

qebrµs is a mysterious artist whose SoundCloud was introduced to me by Bad Timing.

We were discussing musicians (like Haxan Cloak) whose sound design particularly exhibited a powerful sense of surreality. At the time that I first heard qebrµs, he was inactive. The alien sounds in his tracks kept me coming back for more. When I noticed that he had recently posted a new track entitled Abyme, I leapt on the opportunity to ask the cryptic sound creator a few questions.

How should qebrµs be pronounced?
I don’t know in English but on Keppler22B we say : [Ké-brusse]

I love the visual presentation of qebrµs. Definitely a consistently psychedelic alien fractal vibe that matches your music.
I am very fond of the graphic creation software Mandelbulb3d, as many have been recognized in the pictures that I use to illustrate my sound creations. Fractal algorithms are the surest way for me to create the atmosphere of technology / extraterrestrial landscape that matches my imagination.

qebrµs, video by ocho ojos

In addition to the impressive composition, it has been noted that your music is mixed very well. Do you have any tips for aspiring producers?
I would not advise people to create as I do because my method is very boring and has certainly been completely exceeded. I have some rules to compose in Cubase SX3. For example, to only use synthesized sounds. But I do not recommend it.

Recommend a movie we should watch
Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 film, The Holy Mountain.

Do you have any future plans you want to talk about?
I’m just now beginning to create again. I stopped for 1 year and now I have resumed preparing to begin a new EP. I have been requested to do some remixes, but I am waiting to be very ready before I begin something more serious.

If you could collaborate with any artist or musician, who?
There are so many. It is very hard for me to choose. If I had to choose I would say Otto Von Schirach, the master!

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