Audioexit’s ‘Fifty Point Four’

It’s no secret that when it comes to netlabels of a techno persuasion, Audioexit are one of my favourite digital imprints. Yesterday they reached the milestone of 50 releases and to commemorate the occasion unleashed a 7 track compilation ripe with dark techno; just how we like it here at Darkfloor.

Personal highlights are Mixersmith’s broken pounder Dark Dream, Dan Mute’s trippy, drawn out and somewhat unique A Candle For Me and Hoth System’s brutal roller Foreign Object.

Thanks for the music guys.

Audioexit Records proudly presents its 50th release, which is represented by some very talented artists, who supported us with some excellent techno work in the past year. Turning into our 5th year this November, we continue to deliver high quality underground techno music from young and talented artists as well as some well known names from all over the world. We would like to say thank you to all who supported our label in the past four years with some excellent music as well as with comments and feedbacks, which gave us the spirit to continue our work. It is not a beggining or not an end: it is simply a milestone in the life of our label.

Various Artists – Fifty Point Four

Robotron – Mono
Mixersmith – Dark Dream
Lolo aka Acidus – Landscape
RFS – Wrong Change
Dan Mute – A Candle For Me
Hoth System – Foreign Object
Tyrone Rubik – Rollercoaster
cat AE050


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