C Mantle

Mantis presents / C Mantle – Live at Plex

Back in September, Plex threw a party in London at Corsica Studios. Handsette Recordings (alongside a stunning lineup) were providing a showcase of which C. Mantle was invited down to perform (celebrating his release on Elektronische Unterhaltungsmusik 1) For this, our 13th Mantis presents that performance is up for download.

C. Mantle makes hard glitchy dirty electro vibed filth. Since his showcase on the 15th MANTIS show and his promo mix back in March it’s great to get a live recording of his gritty sound.

Mantis presents / C. Mantle – Live at Plex
C Mantle – Konsumer Produkt
C Mantle – Stolen Hiroko 3
C Mantle – Fret Net [Digital Distortions]
C Mantle – Grotesk 2
C Mantle – Universal Theme [Subgrade]
C Mantle – A Likely Story
C Mantle – That Other Eden [Handsette]
C Mantle – Sulk
C Mantle – They Care Because You Don’t
Nymate Association – Systems Online (C Mantle remix) [Subgrade]
C Mantle – Dancehall Pin-up
C Mantle – I Used to Know You
C Mantle – Year of Wonders
C Mantle – Blackboard Jungle

recorded live at Plex, 04/09/2009


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