the Darkfloor Daily – 31.10.2013

First off, Happy Halloween.

Secondly, hope to see some of you down at Plex / Colony / Bleed tomorrow night at Corsica Studios. You’ll be able to catch me in room 1 from 2200 laying down some sound before Svreca, Truss, Perc, Ancient Methods, AnD, Mick Finesse and a truckload more.

And now some other bits and pieces floating around the Darkfloor hive.

The mighty Baron of Techno – Dave Clarke was interviewed recently by Kana Broadcast “I’m not interested in having sex with random people“. Dave continues to be an independent voice at the top of his game.

Ahead of his début EP on PAN, Dalglish put together this 90 minute mix for self-titled mag ‘Remember Us‘. From Autechre’s Alitbzz to Leyland Kirby via Gescom, Sun Ra, Kevin Drumm, Derrick May and Steve Reich, including – this one is quite the sonic tapestry.

Our début Darkfloor Sound artist Phat Chex is back in the studio – First Offence is one of his recent new cuts. It’s a beautiful electro bubbler.

DJ Hidden’s recorded a new mix for PRSPCT to promote his new album Enclosed on Ad Noiseam (one of six such mixes) – do I really need to tell you just how dark, heavy, pummelling and essential the sound of DJ Hidden is? Didn’t think so.

Here’s a new Halloween mix from TNUC – Death to False Vamps (shouts to Alistair for the heads up). It features Judas Priest, Tangerine Dream and Autograph amongst others and is some fantastic 80s styled fun. Still with the glut of spooky mixes doing the round this week and particularly today this is one of our picks.

If you want more check Uschi’s drop on the Daily yesterday as she wrote about a couple of equally excellent ones.

Keeping in the realm of mixes – here’s an all vinyl one from RJ Valeo. The Atlanta based DJ says of his mix (which is really rather well done I should add) –

A mix of tunes I’ve been listening to at home. Mixed on a Radioshack mixer, no EQ, filers, crossfade or nuthin. Added in a Strymon Delay to make things a little interesting. Very ambient, not a club-ready mix by any stretch. Dark and broody at times, meditative and relaxing at others. Full of tension and release.

free 6 track album/EP from Hieroglyphic Being through The Wire magazine? Why thank you. Made up of original jam sessions and reworks of previously released material – Jamal Moss is a very unique sound in the saturated world of house and techno.

Hoth System has shared another new track The Great Shadow Maker – we’ve written many times about Tony McMurray’s techno and this mention is no different. Heavyweight dancefloor aimed hammer techno. Get this.

The prolific studio of Jason Snells keeps going. Better known as Bombardier he recently remixed Dyskhord’s track No Mystery, which might be short yet is great. It’s in a raw sort of Meat Beat Manifesto, Digital Hardcore Records kinda feel. Grab it now – also check out his excellent recent session for Mantis Radio.

A quick mention about Nonima teaming up with Dissolved who have a new album out (their 3rd together I believe) Macro Flinching. In brief – it’s bloody great. We’ll do a proper write up on that one shortly.

And finally today – here’s the video for track Voices by Industrial Is Dead taken from their EP of the same name.

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