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On Mantis Radio this week, California’s Bombardier. Also we’ve got new music from Dettmann, Tessela, David Meiser, Jah Wobble, John Cohen, Plaster, and more to share.

Sherwood + Pinch – Weed Psychosis Mix [On U Sound]
Astrosuka – ?______?$CU?!R__€L_??LØR 201333 [Aural Sects]
Katie Gately – Pipes [Blue Tapes]
Concrete Fence – Industrial Disease [PAN]
Dronelock – Sonars [Weekend World Recordings]
Dronelock – In Snow [Weekend World Recordings]
Oberman Knocks – Quephan [Aperture Records]
Dettmann – Corridor [Ostgut Ton]
Plaster – Uret [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
SciFiSol – Sun Fades [dub]
Tessela – Gateway [R&S]
David Meiser – Distress [Pareto Park]
DynArec – The Spring Tides [Vaporwave]
Jah Wobble / Marconi Union – Reality Crash [30 Hertz Records]
Diamond Version – Operate At Your Optimum [Mute]
Spherical Coordinates – scjkn-06 [PoleGroup]
Cicciolina Holocaust – Cattle Murder [Forced Nostalgia]
John Cohen – Long and Narrow [Exotic Pylon Records]
Erratic – Downward Echoes [Acre Recordings]
J:Kenzo – Bloodlines [Tempa]

Bombardier – Day Before The End
Bombardier – Polycarp
Bombardier – Beirut
Bombardier – Evacuation
Bombardier – Untitled
Bombardier – Cataclysm
Bombardier – Leviathan
Bombardier – Phantom
Bombardier – Battalion
Bombardier – VFM
Bombardier – Unidentified
Bombardier – Insomnia
Bombardier – Lair
Bombardier – Wounded Escape
Bombardier – Unchosen
Bombardier + RedHat – Feral
Bombardier – Pressure
Bombardier – Vice
Bombardier – Casteljau
Bombardier – Untitled
Bombardier – Rise of the Machines
Bombardier – A Vision of Things to Come
Bombardier – Buzzsaw
Bombardier – Avarice
Bombardier – Self Loathing
Bombardier – Perdition
Bombardier – Last Attack
Bombardier – Skinwalker
Bombardier – Wolves (Synthamesk remix)
EEZIR – Shifted View (Bombardier remix)
Prometheus Burning – When the Past Becomes the Present (Bombardier remix)
Bombardier – Prejudice


Bombardier’s Jason Snell began producing in the mid-90s, inspired by the Midwest hardcore on Drop Bass Networks and the breakcore coming out of Germany’s Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR). Early in his career, Bombardier signed with Detroit’s Low Res Records, bringing his sound and graphics to the underground label and later starting its sub label, D13.

Over time his music has had several evolutions – from punk breakcore and drum ‘n bass to horror film score and industrial techno.

His exclusive mix features music ranging across almost two decades, across multiple genres and serve as a vision into Bombardier’s world. Recorded across 4 decks, it really is something quite special.

Coming up for Snell are a vinyl split release for Oakland’s Void Tactical Media with WMX and an EP on the Netherlands label Dark Descent.

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