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DVNT – October 2011

You’ll need to excuse the fact that it is nearly mid November and I’m posting my 10 favourite Darkfloor cuts for October, but that’s how it is increasingly looking.

I am all over the wall of sound Author (Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin) present on their released today self titled LP. It is something special. As is the forthcoming Death Abyss LP – Dominate Through Will. Really hard to pick just one cut for the chart as the whole album is such a strong statement of intent.

Keeping it in the realm of techno; Rory St John’s new EP on Singularity is rich in texture and dark in taste; intricate thundering techno.

Logical Disorder delivered a blinding session for Mantis Radio back in February 2010 and his latest release Holy Battle goes to the next level and then some. His sound design is, frankly, epic.

Collaborative project The Fear Ratio (Mark Broom and James Ruskin) released album: Light Box is fast becoming one of my albums of the year. Taking in elements of bass music, classic era Warp IDM synths, the burgeoning broken electro tech feel together with each of their techno legacies: spellblinding work for the floor and head. Expect A/V performances next year.

Dave Clarke is back in the studio, working with Mr Jones as Unsubscribe. Whilst the duo are focusing on remixes at present, original work is set for 2012, so the rumour mill goes. Their take on club classic Sandwiches gets licked up into a peaktime beast. There are some Ben Sims remixes of it on route, also on Detroit Grand Pubahs’ Engineroom.

In no particular order:

DVNT – October 2011
Author – The City [Tectonic Recordings]
Death Abyss – Control Dissent, Isolate The Thinkers [Rodz-Konez]
Noiz – All Of Us [unreleased]
Logical Disorder – Help Me [Bandcamp]
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Sandwiches (Unsubscribe remix) [Engineroom]
Rory St John – Noughtsmith [Singularity Recordings]
Sam Kidel – String Loops part 2 [A Future Without]
Perc – London, We Have You Surrounded [Perc Trax]
The Fear Ratio – Guv Three [Blueprint Records]
Phat Chex – Cumberland Vibe [Darkfloor Sound]


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