Jhr Hacksaw - Zilla / King Cannibal
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Mantis Radio 2 – Jnr Hacksaw – Zilla / King Cannibal

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Mantis Radio #2 and the first ever mix from Warp Records’ ZILLA recording under the name King Cannibal AND a session from Jnr Hacksaw too.

Beber – Juvenile Delinquent [Marine Parade]
Kettel – Buxom Berceuse [Planet Mu]
Luke Chable – After the Storm [Zero Tolerance Recordings]
James Zabiela – Skanksuary [Renaissance]
Alex Smoke – Solitude [Soma]
Rhino Drum – Dark Da Da [Electrofly]
Amon Tobin – Hey Blondie [Ninja Tune]

Jnr Hacksaw – Regenertron [Subatomik]
Jnr Hacksaw – Aug [Subatomik]
Jnr Hacksaw – Serious Filth [Revolution Music]
Jnr Hacksaw – Strange Attractor [Subatomik]
Jnr Hacksaw – All Your Bass [Subatomik]
Jnr Hacksaw – Time Wave Zero (excerpt) [unreleased]
Jnr Hacksaw – Confront (excerpt) [unreleased]
Jnr Hacksaw – Pre-emptive Retaliation (excerpt) [unreleased]
Jnr Hacksaw – How’s Your Modulation [Trigger Recordings]

Cybersonik – Technarchy [Plus 8 Records]
Si Begg – Scratches N Juggles [Noodles]
Dobbs – The Alchemist (Christian J remix) [Redgrave Recordings]
Qb Project – Come Closer (Pete Voyager & DJ Trace Reload) [Londonbreakz]
State of the Art – Moments [Lingo]
Digital Pimp – Evolutionary Blueprint [Mechanoise]
Fangshi – Bass Dimension (Fangshi Original) [[K]racktoni[k]]
Jeff Mills – Late Night [Tresor]
Caspa – Cockney Violin [Dub Police]

Hive & Gridlocks – Welcome to Violence [Violence]
Amit – Swastika [Commercial Suicide]
Dylan & Skitty – Disguised As An Angel Of Light [Bastard Child]
Knifehandchop – Tizzy Tixbown Riddim (Mdslktr’s Barbielon Version) [Tigerbeat6]
Modeselektor – Black Barbie (remix) [Shadetek Records]
Phono.O – Bluehende Landscha [Tigerbeat6]
Aaron Spectre – Lookout Fi Liar [Deathsucker Records]
DJ SS – Black (VIP Version) [Formation]
King Cannibal – Aragami Style [Shockout]
King Cannibal – Bad Man Near Dark [unreleased]
King Cannibal – Beneath The Surface [Signals]
King Cannibal ft Early Out – Funeral Again [Shockout]
Squarepusher – Go! Spastic [Warp Records]
Squarepusher – Come On My Selector [Warp Records]
Squarepusher – Do You Know Squarepusher [Warp Records]
Aphex Twin – Cock / Ver.10 [Warp Records]
Squarepusher – Tomorrow World [Warp Records]
Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (acapella) [Fashion Records]
Two Lone Swordsmen – Tiny Reminder No.1 [Warp Records]
Aphex Twin – Mt. Saint Michel + St. Michael Mount [Warp Records]
Sweet Exorcist – Testone [Warp Records]
Squarepusher – Full Rinse [Warp Records]

Neil Landstrumm – Kids Wake Up [Planet Mu]
Tim Wight – Searcher [Novamute]
Incredible Meltingman – Guns & Hawks [2Wars]
Silken – Gun Shy (Disposable DJs remix) [En:Vision]
Meat Katie with Aquasky – Feathers (Radioactive Man remix) [Lot49]
Sinosine – One Country [Mob]
Metal Box Productions – Close the Door [unreleased]
Virus Syndicate – Slow Down [Planet Mu]
Plug – Riddim [Detroit Sound]

Featured Guests

Jnr Hacksaw has been a producer of twisted funk to bassheads for well over a decade. In the early 90s Jnr was a founder member of Bristol’s legendary acid funk club The Dig In. Later he joined forces with Elektrik Orgasm one of the countries foremost free party movements and Psychedelic techno label.

Under the guise of Nervasystem & Aether, Jnr brought fucked up synthnoise to parties all over the UK and the rest of the world. Eventually Jnr became disillusioned with the techno scene and found new inspiration in the emerging electrobreaks sound.

Jnr has been honing his style of mind warping uberfunk for several years and is now ready to unleash a torrent of sick bass at unsuspecting breakbeat fans. Jnr has pledged a strong allegiance to Trigger (the UK’s top Electrobreaks night and label) and has already stunned audiences there with his psychoactive sets. He heads up Subatomik Recordings.

This months Mantis also heralded the start of a new alias for ZILLA. Art school dropout ZILLA (government name Dylan Richards) began working on his own brand of super-evolved mixes towards the latter end of the nineties as a reaction to the glut of uninspiring mix compilations that had began to flood the industry.

Check out his Gods of War blog for the most up to date movements as his current alias King Cannibal.

Its not often that someone comes along and defines your opinion of the potential of DJing. Over the course of two under-the-counter mix-cds, the man known as ZILLA has done just that. – Fact Magazine

Someone please give this guy a residency! – D.K (Solid Steel/Ninja Tune).

Heavy as fuck! – Parasite (Deathsucker Records)

Slamming ragga rinse out – Kid 606

Massive shouts to Dylan and Lex. Proper skills both of ya. Great feedback from the chat and the FM listeners.

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