Bombardier – Live at Warlok

Let me lay it out for you. Jason Snell is basically brilliant at what he does. He’s got a a unique sound to the industrial techno and dark soundscapes that he’s been pushing since way back when – in fact as far back when as when industrial techno was the new thing.

Many of you have already heard his Mantis Radio session from September last year (and if you haven’t get on it) – so you’ll already be familiar enough to know that what’s coming up below is gonna be worth just over an hour of your time.

Here’s Snell’s set recorded at LA’s Warlok night from June – overflowing with current and forthcoming Bombardier work, including his just-dropped remix of Wirewound’s Surge.

Bombardier – Live at Warlok (17.06.2014)
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Blush Response – The Drift (Bombardier remix)
Wirewound – Surge (Bombardier remix)
AAIMON – Seraphim (Bombardier remix)
Bombardier – Untitled
Eezir – Shifted View (Bombardier remix)
Kero – Untitled (Bombardier remix)
Bombardier – In Your Blood
Bombardier – Untitled
Bombardier – Untitled
Bombardier – Anesthesia
Bombardier – Untitled
Bombardier – Hidden Razor
Bombardier – Battalion
Bombardier – Beneath the Surface
Bombardier – Untitled
Martyn Hare – Unforgiving (Bombardier remix)
Bombardier – Vice
Diskord – No Mystery (Bombardier remix)
Bombardier – Demo & Blight
Bombardier – Into the Sea


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