the Darkfloor Daily 30.10.2013

Uschi-No-Michi’s Weekly Drop.
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I was sent these intriguing tracks by Leeds based composer Andrea S Griffiths. They form part of an MA portfolio so aren’t actually released as such. The standout track for me is Overcome but they’re all great. I really hope they get a formal release as an EP at some point soon. As well as her various composition projects Andrea also writes and performs with the band Calls.

You can’t have failed to miss the fact that it’s Halloween tomorrow, people seem to have been banging on about it on social media since Oct 1st. I’ve waited ’til today.

If you’re hosting a Halloween bash get the party started right with this mix by author and psychogeographer Hackney Marshman (aka Gareth Rees).

If you’re planning a more introspective All Hallow’s Eve, or holding a séance, you could do worse than soundtrack it with this mix of original material by OH/EX/OH.

If you’re making the pilgrimage to Summerisle and/or designing rituals this mix by The Ephemeral Man might help.

For my money, the only track to have proper scared the bejeezus out of me in recent years is Dilato by Holly Herndon. Hear and fear!

Lastly, big up Hacker Farm, whose album UHF on Exotic Pylon has been garnering some ‘alternative Mercury’s’ love. Not insignificantly, some of this love has come from The Guardian. Check the article and see who else was shortlisted. Also behold the The Dead Albatross Music Prize and 3 hour award show radio broadcast (8-11pm Wed 30th) which features the band.

Bonus. Stream/download the Hacker Farm RMULCH of my song Ameratsu for free.


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