About Mantis Radio.

the story of the show

May 12th, 2007. It’s a Saturday afternoon and for the first time MANTIS airs, live, on Brap FM and 101.4FM through the city of Brighton. That first show and the next seven were 3 hour monthly transmissions and marked the start of the show Mantis Radio.

Founded by DVNT (Mike Darkfloor), Mantis Radio was initially intended to be a co-hosted show between Mike and his friend Yukka (Chris Sterling). Yukka would co-host just two broadcasts, the first and third. At the end of that first year, Mantis Radio would move to a fortnightly 2 hour broadcast schedule. Which it has (mostly) maintained in the years since.

In October 2010, the US electro blog City of Bass interviewed Mike about the origins of the show, his journey into electronic music, how the show is researched, produced, and its future. Read the interview.