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Darkfloor Sound Radio — May 28, 2024 — Electro Special

Introducing Darkfloor Sound Radio, a weekly show that airs from our studio in Liverpool on Tuesdays on both Twitch and YouTube. Expect special editions digging into a genre, label and artist, together with live guests, and the classic snapshot of what’s in the record bag.

Mantis Radio will continue, with an aim of producing a show a month. Give or take. These shows are partly for me to scratch an itch, to broadcast and mix more regularly, and to further develop the sound of Darkfloor. Last night’s show was an electro special featuring the likes of Adapta, Brain Rays, Carl Finlow, Cybotron, Drvg Cvltvre, Ectomorph, E.R.P., Hardfloor, Hedchef, Kerrie, MANASYt, Neil Landstrumm, Noyeahno, Planetary Assault Systems, Scan X, Silicon Scally, Sync 24, and the wee djs. The music starts around 4:45 in.

There are a few small recording issues on this one. I think the laptop that records the audio suffers a series of small issues. Rest assured we’re working on resolving the issues there. A music only version is available on SoundCloud, whilst the full show, talking and all, is made available on Patreon and YouTube.

Shall Remain Nameless – Shattered [self released]
Shall Remain Nameless – Women’s Heart [self released]
Red Stars Over Tokyo – The Other Sperr [Limbic Resonance]
Polar Inertia – Kinematic Optics [Dement3d Records]
Marcela Dias Sindaco – Extincao (not even noticed remix) [Gated Recordings]
Americhord – Frqnz [Earwiggle]
Anders Ilar & John H – Olympus [New York Haunted]
Confluence – Synchrophasotron [AVOIDANT]
Carl Finlow – Reckless [Avoidant]
Cybotron – Maintain [Tresor]
Ectomorph – Searching (Live at Globus) [Tresor]
Trontsephore – The Undersea [SCART]
Featherstone – Microcosm [Gated Recordings]
Silicon Scally – Deepdissolve (Wee Mix) [SCSI-AV]
Kerrie – Systematique Intellijent [AVOIDANT]
Sync 24 – This Life (Fleck E.S.C. remix) [Electrix Records]
Marscapone – Heliocentric [Nocturbulous Records]
The Monsters From ID – Spatial Lobe [Signal Recordings]
Om Unit – The Timps [Civil Music]
PRZ – Back From 89 [Cultivated Electronics]
Noyeahno – Electric Bongos [Rag & Bone]
Lithe – Not a Pessimist (Hedchef’s Hedonic Nihilist remix) [Basilica]
Planetary Assault Systems – Function 4 [Peacefrog Records]
the wee djs – Monster Munch [This Machine Is Broken]
Drvg Cvltvre – New York ’83 (Suicide City) [New York Haunted]
Scan X – Xenomorph [F Communications]
Hardfloor & E.R.P. – 4th Dimension Of The 5th Ward (E.R.P. Version 2) [Hardfloor]
Adapta – Kord Port V2 [Frustrated Funk]
MANASYt – Clandestine [Touchin’ Bass]
Brain Rays – Ghost Burger (feat. Neil Landstrumm) [Acroplane Recordings]
ERP – Lodestone [Semantica]


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