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Mantis Radio 356 – Grym

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Grym (Onset Audio) brings a jungle flex of drum & bass to the session slot, packing the likes of SP:MC, Arcane, Sully, LAW, Adred, and Vex.

Packaged either side, tracks from Jonny L, Robert Hood, Lakej, Parris, Joy Orbison, Aaron Dilloway, Shed, Techno Animal, Pinkcourtesyphone, Heriot, LLNN, and with a cut from one of the best albums this year, so far, FYEAR.

An uninterrupted, music only version of this episode is available.

Jonny L – Zero Time [Knifeforce Records]
Robert Hood – Outsider [M-Plant]
Lakej – Formless Nature [Solitär]
Shed – Shot Rhythm [The Final Experiment]
GiGi FM – Tsuru [Sea~rène]
J:Kenzo & Flowdan – Like a Hawk (Boylan remix) [Artikal Music UK]
Joy Orbison – Flight FM [XL Recordings]
Parris – why can’t rabbits wear cowboy boots [Can You Feel The Sun]
Isabella – Roll Doll [iDEAL Recordings]
Shoal – Gerakan [Tikita]
A Certain Ratio – Samba 123 [Mute]
Air – Spiritual Invocation [Silent State Recordings]
Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt – Demands Of Ordinary Devotion [Hanson Records]
Pinkcourtesyphone – Pre-sumptuous / Post-sumptuous [Room40]
Techno Animal feat. Toastie Taylor – Piranha [Matador]
Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio – Enrico [Cosmogram]
Neuroshima – Radar Wissp [All Caps]

SP:MC – Flow State [Carbon Music]
J:Kenzo – RawZ [Alternate Recordings]
Arcane – Planet X feat. Samurai Breaks [Rua Sound]
Arcane – Curse of the Pharaohs [Rua Sound]
LO! – Dub2 [Liondub International]
Breakage – Hollup [Index]
DJ Scam – Sodium Pentothal [Psycho Bummer]
Sully – Stop [Uncertain Hour]
Kid Drama – Timelapse [CNVX]
LAW – All Styles [RuptureLDN]
Adred – Look To The Future [Metalheadz]
Settle Down – Sub Bias [E-Beamz]
Mikal – Musical Rush feat. Break [Metalheadz]
Arcane – Labyrinth [Rua Sound]
Vex – Run It [Rollout Records]

Heriot – Abattoir [Church Road Records]
LLNN – The Horror [Pelagic Records]
FYEAR – Pt IV Degrees [Constellation]

Episode guest Grym, shown in profile, wearing a baseball cap on the right side of the image, looking to the left, in front of flooded street or canal. Greyscale image.

Featured Guest

Onset Audio has been a regular feature of my record bag over the last few years with its heads down, halftime, stripped roller aesthetic. And so it’s with great pleasure that today’s guest is label head of the Seattle based drum & bass imprint Onset Audio.

Grym presents a mix on more of a jungle flex that the sound of his label, but that gives a great snapshot into the sound of selections that inform his label.

Onset Audio’s latest EP, by Root For The Villain.

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