Listen to R21’s take on Kraftwerk’s Musique Non Stop.

Pretty much exactly what the title says – this is R21‘s take on Kraftwerk’s Musique Non Stop which he says was just a “bit of messing around for fun”.

The original came out in ’86 as part of their arguably weakest album Electric Café (to be renamed as Techno Pop (the original working title) in 2009 following their back-catalogue remastering. Musique Non Stop was remixed for their ’91 release The Mix and was often used as their final track where you lucky enough to see them perform live.

Hailing from Reading in the UK, the Devine Disorder signed producer has several releases out through the imprint – and had a cut on last year’s huge Electro Compendium (I hear rumours that a second comp is in the works).

The video for “Musique Non-Stop” is notable in itself for showcasing a computer animated representation of the band. Created in 1983, it sat dormant for three years before finally being incorporated as the video for the song. The animation, which was complex for its time, was created by Rebecca Allen, using state-of-the-art facial animation software developed by the Institute of Technology in New York. The slow rate of the album’s progress, combined with rapid changes in software animation, meant that Allen had to archive the animation program developed at the Institute of Technology until Hütter and Schneider were ready in 1986, to travel to New York to edit the images to the final version of “Musique Non-Stop”.


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