Lag’s ambient mix for Unrush

Back in November Unrush, a label and events promoter based out of Berlin, Germany, published the 59 mix in their ambient series Unrushed. At the helm – Lag.

Running at just under 100 minutes Lag’s mix features drone, downtempo, soundscape, and ambient electronics from the likes of Boards of Canada, These Hidden Hands, Nurse With Wound, VC-118a, Amon Tobin, Darkside, Basqiam, CW&A, Autechre, and Hania Rani.

It might seem a bit of departure for an artist known for tough techno, but Lag’s got for form here. Couple of years back he guested on Mantis Radio 177 w/ a guest mix in a similar sonic space.

UNRUSH · 059 – Unrushed by Lag

Boards of Canada – Telepath
These Hidden Hands – Hoh Xil
Matthew Halsall – The Sun in September
Surgeons Girls – Clouded Temper | Small Steps
Nurse With Wound – Rock ‘N Roll Station (Edit)
Rettic Acc – Rettic Ac
Darkside – The Question Is To See It All
Boards Of Canada – Uritual
VC-118a – Spiritual Machines
Bremer/McCoy – Ordet
Cialyn – Lilla Stenby ferry
VC-118a – Serge Extract
Amon Tobin – Red Moon
irr.app.(ext.) – Knowing Me, Knowing You
Tommy Guerrero – Los Oceanos De Arena
Basqiam – Azero (Edoc remix)
Autechre – Teartear
CW&A – 19-9241–75-13294
Hania Rani – Leaving (Live from Studio S2)


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