Phat Chex

Phat Chex’s ‘Anna Legg’ mix

There isn’t much I’m going to say about this selection from Phat Chex other than what lays ahead is 96 minutes of upfront bass music electronics mixed by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

Take it away Mr Chex.

Hyetal – Diamond Islands (Boddika remix)
Will Saul and Tam Cooper – Hi Lo (Sideshow remix)
Lone – Coreshine Voodoo
Joy O – Jels
Brooks Mosher – Inter Metro
Kassem Mosse – Untitled 1 Original
Anthony Shakir – The floor filler (Skudges floor killer version)
Egyptrixx – Liberation front
Instra:mental – 8
Dez Williams – Modern day slavery
214 – Drift driving
Falty DL – You stand uncertain
Shed – Atmo Action
Morphosis – Androids among us (Just for one day T++ remix)
Peverelist – Dance till the police come
Midland – Play the game
Lone – Rapid racer
Smashback – Bernards Ghetto
Objekt – The goose that got away
Instra:mental – User
Jaques Green – The look (Mark Flash UR mix)
Swarm Intelligence – Grinding teeth
Joy Orbison – So Derobe


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