London, UK

El caballero de lo oscuro – as they call him in Spain – Voidloss (Steve Loss) is a much respected British producer and mastering engineer. His musical history began playing in industrial bands to putting on illegal raves in the late 80s and early 90s as part of the London underground counter cultural movement – United Systems. For many years he’s been deep in the often murky world of experimental and industrial techno.

Operating from the shadows, from the fringes of the sound, he writes both dark and light into his work channelling emotional extremes.

His label Singularity Recordings pushes a close knit group of sonic misfits all working and exploring the dark and industrial edge of techno. Valuing unique aesthetic, artistry and underground mentality.

Voidloss’ discography is deep and far reaching, releasing music since the early 2000s under a number of names, both known (Dirty Bass, Heretic) and anonymous.

His live PAs are legendary, showcasing both his knowledge of sound, production, and sonic engineering as well as his trademark rolling drum programming.

Born in South Africa and raised in the UK, Steve is a key part of the British techno underground, whether you realise it or not.

He is our mastering engineer (Black Monolith Studios) and has been involved with every one of our releases since our inception in 2012.

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