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Mantis Radio 219 – Huren

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For the final Mantis Radio of 2016, we’ve a session from Huren. That and we’ve fresh sound from Fifty Grand, New York Trax, Raven Sigh, Cod3x & Micron, Naidu, MethLab Recordings and more.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 219 – Huren

King Cannibal – Downtime [Ninja Tune]
Fifty Grand & Hellion – Plastic (Visitation Dream) [Fifty Grand]
Laksa – Contrasts [Timedance]
Prince of Denmark – Mentalbeam [Forum]
Ecotone – Arachnophobia [Constant Variables]
Zosima – Collective Unconscious [Noiztank]
Alex Alben – Chimera [New York Trax]
Liza Aikin – Luis XVI (Makaton modus vivendi mix) [Emetic]
NAH – noonewanna [NAH]
Mild Maynyrd – (Voidloss’ Demons In Uniform remix) [Darkfloor Sound]
Tomohiko Sagae – #2 [Rodz Konez]
Syn – Crisis [PROCSS]
LFO – Freak [Warp]
LNA – Pestilence [Raven Sigh]
Aaron Spectre – My Attitude [Jahmoni Music]
Cod3x & Micron – Laser [Bad Taste Recordings]
Audeka – Burst of Power [MethLab]
Naidu – Computer Help [Horizons Music]

Kranioklast – (S)ein Haar Im Sand / Finale Projektion [Principe Logique]
Morenceli – Caligula Statue [Black Water]
Keepsakes – Xenophonic Pub Man [T/W/B]
Collin Strange – Private Lives [L.I.E.S.]
Scan 7 – Direct Effect (Teste remix) [Detroit Underground]
Pessimist – Retrouvaile [UVB-76]
Valanx – Daughters Of The Everfire (Yves De Mey remix) [SonouS]
Orphx – Sever The Signal [Sonic Groove]
Edit Select & Antonio Ruscito – Projection 3 [Edit Select]
Sawf – Kopanidi [Vanila]
Raffaele Attanasio – Eutanasia [Letters From Jerusalem]
Sensive – Suprok (14anger remix) [Märked]
Bernard Krause & Merry Clayton – Performance [Warner Brothers]
Lucindo – Annihilation (Huren remix) [Overdraw]
Thene21 – Timeline [She Lost Kontrol]

Featured Guest

With two decades of sonic abuse and experience, Dave Foster remains a formidable talent and a favourite of many (myself included). Anyone with a passing interest in techno will likely have heard Probe Records’ The Wipe – a track he recorded as Teste (with fellow Canadian Himadri) way back in ’92.

A longtime affiliate of Berlin’s mighty Zhark Industries, Foster isn’t one to churn out endless versions of that early techno anthem, but has instead pushed the sonics into sharp, raw electronics, rhythmic noise and industrial deconstructs of “techno”. Something he describes as scumtronics. In 2015 he joined forces with Orphx’s Rich Oddie as O/H (Ontario Hospital). He continues to record solo material as Huren, MRTVI and has lots of material lined up for release next year.

His session tonight, our final one this year, is deep, bleak and at points deliciously heavy. Shouts to all our session guests, featured artists, labels and to you, our listeners. Thank you for your continued support. Here’s to 2017. Muchlove.

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