Singularity’s 10 Facets of Infinity

Now I know that a lot of the readership here at Darkfloor are into dark submersive well produced techno as I myself am. Singularity is a label that releases just such techno headed up by the formidable Voidloss.

Earlier this morning the label announced they were doing a very special offer concerning the first 10 releases (Sin 012 is on the horizon as I type), culminating in some 54 tracks of pensive, focused techno that is very much at the core of what darkfloor is. 10 Facets of Infinity is that collection and is available for just 10 days at discount direct from the label. Essential label, essential purchase. Grab it.

The first 10 Singularity Recordings collected for a short time only. Sin 001 – 006 were remastered to meet the standards of newer releases.


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