DVNT – March 2015

March has been and gone and we thunder into April. Here’s 10 tracks that stood above many others last month.

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DVNT – March 2015
Kerridge – GOFD [Contort]
Deapmash + Raito – Den Start [Club Werks]
Lag + Forest People – The Anvil [Darkfloor Sound]
Voidloss – Order Is A By-product Of Chaos [Singularity]
Fracture & Chimpo – Hard Food [Metalheadz]
Melt Unit – Ravework [Caoutchou]
Raven – Primeval Traveller [Several Reasons LTD]
Grudges – The Followers (Create Her remix) [end fence]
Randal Collier-Ford – The Architects [Cryo Chamber]
worriedaboutsatan – Even Temper [This Is It Forever]


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