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Mantis Radio 205 – Bone Skippers

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“Horrible techno” duo Bone Skippers provide a rancid session mix. We’ve new music from Voidloss, Lag, XXXY, Pär Grindvik, Kareem, Diarmaid O Meara and Darkfloor Sound’s newest artist Herd.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 205 – Bone Skippers

Amon Tobin – Overwhelming Forces [Amon Tobin]
Dexterous Numerics – Legacy [Dub]
XXXY – No Matter [Ten Thousand Yen]
Jega – Lake Windermere [SKAM]
Pär Grindvik – Limits Of Real [Stockholm LTD]
Voidloss – Death of the Sun [I Washi Series]
Gemini Voice Archive – Geocentrica [Soma Records]
Lag – Nemir [THEM]
Diarmaid O Meara – To Love A Speaker [Gobsmacked Records]
Maelstrom – Ersatz (Venice mix 01) [Touched Music]
Kareem presents Ligeia – Meyrink [Noiztank]
AJA – Throat 2 [unreleased]
Gremlinz & Ahmad – Nibiru [Paradox Music]
Neptor & Freeman – Dr. Ohm [Rorschach Recordings]
Hypoxia – Cognition [Eatbrain]

Falhaber – Plague of 1518 – 03 LD50 (Kenny Campbell’s Bare Bones remix) [Raven Sigh]
Huck Farper – Northern Sky [Self Released]
Bone Skippers – No Wind Chimes in Hell [Mad_As Music]
Arrhythmia – Asylum (Bone Skippers Schizophrenic remix)
Bone Skippers – Drum Machine (Paul Birken remix) [Variance]
WarinD – The Suffering (Bone Skippers Bounty of Pain remix) [Raven Sigh]
WarinD – Recovery (Huck Farper & Falhaber Industrial Version) [Waring Records]
Kenny Campbell – Oblivion [RIOT]
Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived [PCP]
Bald Terror – Rotterdam [Rotterdam Records]
Sperminator – No Women Allowed [Rotterdam Records]
Hammerhead – Hardcore Will Never Die (Acid Overload) [Mokum Records]
Disintegrator – Lock On Target [Industrial Strength]
Fly by Wire – Alkaline 3DH [Magnetic North]
Influid III – The Destroyer [Influence Recordings]

Herd – Arteater [Darkfloor Sound]

Featured Guest

The joint studio mangling of Bone Skippers – Glasgow’s Kenny Campbell and Vancouver’s Dylan Hill (aka Huck Farper) – make self described “horrible techno”. Both are proficient and prolific solo producers, but together they produce something all the more intense, and noisy. Their session features a mix of their original material, remixes and influences.

The pair’s latest – ‘Drum Machine‘ on Irish imprint Variance – packs remix attention from Paul Birken and Scenedrone, the former of which is featured in their session mix.

Behold the bone-skipper, high in the running for the strangest fly on Earth. For the bone-skipper, fresh carcasses just won’t do. No, these flies prefer large, dead bodies in advanced stages of decay. And unlike most flies, they are active in early winter, from November to January, usually after dark.

They also disappeared from human notice and were declared extinct for more than a century. That’s why they’ve often been considered almost mythical or legendary.

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