Preview Voidloss’ new doom metal tech

Regular listeners to our Mantis Radio show, or indeed anyone who has asked me recently for techno recommendations will have probably have heard me mention, at least once, the new album from London’s Voidloss.

The producer and mastering engineer Steve Void has a hefty discography of material behind him. His approach to percussion and rhythm often results in you just knowing he was responsible. His recent EP for Intergrated Recordings – Drumfist – the most current example of his broken and rolling percussive onslaught.

The upcoming Every Scar is a Victory goes back to his metal roots, merging ridiculously well, oppressive doom metal with the stomp roll of pounding techno kick drums. This album is so metal it even comes with a heavyweight plate of the stuff with his ‘V’ quite literally burnt into and through it. Only 50 of those have been produced but if you miss that, there will be a more conventional CD album following as the 2nd pressing.

Packaging for the Voidloss Metal album. Hand made steel plate covers, plasma cut scars, rusted and then laquered and hand stamped. Each of the limited edition covers is unique, and different, and will change colour and texture over time. Internal artwork, screen printed, glossy, UV coated sleeve and CD.

For a full length taste of what to expect with his doom metal techno, here’s his remix of Fine Viae by Verset Zero –

Voidloss’ ‘Every Scar is a Victory’ will be available soon via Singularity Recordings.


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