Deep Wounds and Divine States, a live PA by Voidloss

Largely unsung in the techno world other than by those who know, Singularity Recordings‘s London based artist Voidloss delivers each and every. Not only a heavily talented studio wizard producing bleak pitch black fractured takes on techno. He’s a captivating performer with his live PA sets testing sound systems with enough sub flexing and thunderous kicks to move even the most resistant of dancefloors.

This is a recording of my current (although ever changing) Live PA. It was recorded at a gig in London, although I`m not sure which as the minidisc was not labelled. This PA was broadcast and hosted kindly as part of an interview feature by the great techno hub that is As usual, the PA is pretty eclectic, taking in dark broken beat stuff, tribal beats, uplifting bass music, and harder more twisted, club bangers.

By day Voidloss operates in the world of sound engineering and mastering with a myriad of sounds are put through the Black Monolith Studios magic. Including our own Darkfloor Sound label’s output making the detailed electro of Phat Chex shine. By night, music producer, label owner and a techno force to be reckoned with. When he played our Darkfloor Live event last year he tore the place apart. This recording features some of the tracks he unleashed on our pummelled crowd. It’s worth noting that rarely do Voidloss PA’s surface, so get listening to this one.

His setup at the moment is performed wireless via an iPad 2 running Touchable controller software with Ableton, which in effect means he often ventures into the crowd, performing his digital magic from the pit.


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