Download ‘Hypnotic Series 15’ by Voidloss

One of our favourite techno artists around the Darkfloor hive is Voidloss. As I said when I posted up his Deep wounds and divine states live PA recording back in January:

Largely unsung in the techno world other than by those who know, London based artist Voidloss and Singularity Recordings label owner delivers each and every.

He’s a very proficient and often unique voice in techno. One of those artists that when you hear a track of his, you know it’s one of his.

Track Hypnotic Series 15 is one of those. Voidloss describes the piece as an experiment of his with some analogue gear in another studio to his.

This track stand on its own as something I have no idea what to do with.

So he’s decided to offer it up for free download. His trademark attention to percussion and drum programming in full effect – it’s techno with groove, step-beat and fluidity but packs a mean and dark thud. Dunno how long he’s planning to share this one for, so get on it.


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