SUBSIST?.?146D - A Single Point of Light

Mike Darkfloor features on new LP by Heretic for Subsist

Dropping in a few days, January 19, on Spanish label Subsist, is a new album by Heretic entitled A Single Point of Light.

Heretic is a techno project by the London based producer and mastering engineer Voidloss which focuses on melody, emotion and destructive production techniques.

Featured on the album’s opening track The Empty Missing Pieces and it’s closing piece A Shining Sea Of Broken Glass is none other than our own label boss and voice of Mantis RadioMike Darkfloor. It marks his first foray into vocal recording beyond radio shows as he expands his creative output in 2022 to include vocal work. If you’re interested in asking him to voice your work, get in touch directly.

Right now you can pre-order the album, receiving pre-release copies of the following tracks – Alucarda, To The Knuckle On the Rails, and You Are Not.

Check out the releases notes on this forthcoming LP by Voidloss’ Heretic for Subsist and you’ll spot the following “Vocals by Mike Darkfloor”. Yes, my first vocal work on recordings other than radio shows. If you’re after some VO work, hit me up!

Subsist Records / Faith Disciplines · SUBSIST?.?146D – A Single Point of Light by Heretic

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