DVNT – March 2013

Ever so slightly belated, being that it is April 9th, but here are 10 tracks that made my March that bit better.

Click the label link for samples and/or places to get the tracks.

DVNT – March 2013
Savagen – RT2 [dub]
Violetshaped – Spectral nightdrive [Violetpoison]
Stigmata – Phantom Form [Stigmata Digital]
Dexterous Numerics – Shadow Zone [dub]
Amit – Acid Trip [Tempa]
Black Asteroid – Black Acid (Alva Noto Remodel) [Electric Deluxe]
Voidloss – Hypnotic Series 15 [dub]
Si Begg – Losing It (Patscan remix) [Noodles Recordings]
Radical G – Wasp [Dancedelic Digital]
Girl Band – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage (Blawan cover) [Quarter Inch Collective]

Savagen is the collaboration project between Ingen and Savier and it’s sounding like a great partnership, of which I hope RT2 is just the beginning. Difficult to choose just one from the Violetpoison/Shapednoise collab album LP as the whole thing is something quite special. Spectral Nightdrive has this doubled up beat thing going on, which I’m a sucker for.

I’m also a sucker for the balls out effort Stigmata turns in on Phantom Form, one of those tracks that can send those shivers up your spine whilst annihilating the dancefloor.

When I heard Dexterous Numerics drop Shadow Zone on his recent showcase session for Mantis Radio I had to get my hands on it – turns out he’s giving that one away.

No doubt every DJ worth his salt in the heavy bass scenes will be caning the hell out of Amit’s behemoth Acid Trip. I’m no exception. It’s wicked and is more techno stomp than dubstep, despite seeing release on one of the scene’s defining labels: Tempa.

Elsewhere I picked Alva Noto’s remodel of half of New York’s death ravers MOTOR: Black Asteroid’s Black Acid. I could easily have chosen Perc’s effort. From the next big batch of remixes of Si Begg’s original soundtrack for British movie UFO – this time I had to pick Patscan’s rework of Losing It. Spaced out, weird almost, dark, but still driving.

Worth mentioning that the Voidloss offering is a) excellent work yet again from the dark techno lord and b) free to download.

Due for release next week (April 15) is Radical G’s excellent Wasp. A driving, big bassline techno monster, backed with remixes from George Lanham, Al Ferox and Ryogo Yamamori. None of which come close to the original’s soundsystem flex.

Finally Girl Band turn in a punk cover of Blawan’s current calling card. As good as Blawan’s original is, this cover is something else entirely and can often be heard thumping out of my flat.


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