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Darkfloor 72 – Voidloss – All The Way To Hell

London’s Voidloss presents his new sound – a hybrid of techno machinations and halftime drum & bass flexing. Bringing a renewed sense of space to his sub heavy percussion programming.

A long time pillar of the underground techno scene in both the UK and Europe, Voidloss is a formidable presence in the studio, not to mention his heavy rollage live PAs. His label Singularity Recordings releases some of the best dark and industrial sounding techno the likes of which you’ve never heard, from a small but close knit group of sonic misfits that he’s curated over the years. One of his strengths as a producer is his drum programming, with that characteristic swagger to the off kilter broken beat of his techno cuts. Something explored further here, on this recording as Voidloss 2.0.

A dear friend of ours here at Darkfloor – he’s been our label‘s mastering engineer since we started releasing music in 2012. This is his second appearance on our mix series In Session. His first was in 2014 and our 35th mix. It’s with huge pleasure we welcome him back today.

Darkfloor Sound · Darkfloor 72 – Voidloss – All The Way To Hell



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