Derlich tore Manchester a new one at Ritual 2013-08-03

Here’s the recording of Derrick Scheerlinck AKA Derlich from Saturday’s Ritual event in Manchester.

Some of you might be familiar with Derlich already and if you are you know what to expect: techno of the most brutal noise kind. Take no prisoners, intense and not for the squeamish.

Yea sure there is a bit of a thing going around at present with noise meeting techno, but Derlich takes it into a proper techno environment losing none of the abstracted and often intense sonics really good noise can give ya. A lot of the noise/techno hybrid stuff is always a bit lacking in the thud – not so with Dutchman Scheerlinck.

Consider this, his mix contains tracks, besides himself naturally, from Lustmord, Noise Nazi, Regis, White Walls, Whitehouse, SHXCXCHCXSH, Adam X, Surgeon, Female, and Mslwte.

Alongside Darkfloor favourites Casual Violence and headliner Voidloss, Derlich was supported by CWS and Leon Mitternacht. I can only imagine how utterly dark Saturday night sounded on that soundsystem and we can but hope that the rest of the night’s recordings (if they exist) surface.

Worth checking out post mix is Derlich’s latest EP Messages of Love for London imprint Singularity featuring remixes from Voidloss and Casual Violence which are both featured in his set.

Atrax Morgue – Morte
Oake – Drenba Nih Sendaut
Navicon Torture Technologies – Victem Vernis
Derlich – Triangulation (Casual Violence remix)
Spk – Genetic Transmission
Lustmord – The Harrow
Prisionero13 – Cuerpos En La Trinchera
Derlich – Untitled
Noise Nazi – The Darkest Of Deprivations
Derlich – Untitled
Derlich – I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (Voidloss But I Gave You The Thorns Mix)
Derlich – Zert
Cllinica Psychosis – Metamorphosis Into Purification
Derlich – Loq (Re-Source)
White Walls – Killing Hurts Give You The Secrets
Regis – Get On Your Knees
Voidloss – Approaching Numb
Surgeon – Prowler
Whitehouse – A Cunt Like You
Derlich – Slaves To The Grave (Unreleased)
Sandra Electronics – It Slipped Her Mind
Kerridge – From The Shadows That Melt The Flesh 3
Atrax Morgue – I’m Not Deaf (Derlich edit)
Surgeon – Badger Bite (Derlich edit)
Derlich – Triangulation
Unit81 – 001 (Unreleased)
Adam X – Radical Cutting Methods
Female – Surrounded By Enemies
Anthony Child – B1 Untitled
The 65d Mavericks – The Estrangement Of The Past (Surgeon remix)
Whitehouse – Cut Hands Has The Solution (Derlich edit)
Mslwte – Nyquist Thoerem


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