16.12.2016 – Aaleph

This Friday, December 16th, Darkfloor Sound have something new to share with you.

Mild Maynyrd’s album ‘Aaleph‘ – spawned by a law enforcement shooting in his home city – tackles the socials ills of modern society though abrasive tones, constant movement, and an avant-garde structure.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3IMpPYeQNI[/embedyt]

Equal parts paranoia, rage, and confusion, ‘Aaleph‘ grinds dirty, processed noise into the pavement while dropping hard kicks and spastic percussion. A fitting farewell to 2016.

Aaleph‘ comes backed with remixes from MSQ, Savier, and Voidloss.

Released 16.12.2016.
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