Bass Kittens – Neither Living Nor Dead
Lolo aka Acidus – Hidden Source
Micoland – Modern Ruins LP
Kalte – Fissures / Petcord
AVOIDANT – Birth In Carpathia / Enough Records
Datacrashrobot – Asynchronous I/O / Crazy Language
Wasserfall & The Automatic Message – My Father The Hunter EP / bleepsequence
Wounds of the Earth Compilation III
DOWNLOAD / Zzzzra – Lassitudes
DOWNLOAD / Devin Underwood + Marcus Fischer – Correspond
Posthuman’s ‘Lander Remixes’ CD/digital for pay what you want
DOWNLOAD / White Stem by Riga
DOWNLOAD / being – Naptime / thismachineisbroken
free EP: Various Artists – Extra Delivery []
Blackmass Plastics – Pulsar Pollution EP
Zwart Licht Kommando – ACID TRAX
DOWNLOAD / The Bee – Beelogic
macabro – Envelopes
NNID’s ‘Incoming Cataclysm’
DOWNLOAD / ‘Lull’ by The Inventors of Aircraft
DOWNLOAD / Juanjo Palacios – Portuario / Audiotalaia
DOWNLOAD / Glander’s ‘Variations’ on Yuki Yaki
DOWNLOAD / fifth free comp from IDM netlabel Crazy Language
Kirill Platonkin – Cellar Of Mind / Umpako
DOWNLOAD / C Mantle vs the wee djs – 2 trax
Inigo Kennedy – Distant Circles / Asymmetric
REVIEW / !Kaboogie 5th Birthday Sampler (free EP)
Apparent Symmetry – Mourn / Remixed / Abstrakt Reflections
C. Mantle’s ‘1944’ EP
Minotaur Electronics drops free album for Noxgenus
Black Sea Project – Passage / Takeover Recordings
Dessben’s Offaudio Showcase for 1MC
Si Begg’s ‘Controlled Explosion Part 1’
Download Alessio Ballerini’s ‘Blanc’ on Zymogen
Weldroid’s ‘Attitude Indicator’ on netlabel Kahvi
netlabel Audioexit celebrate 3 years of ‘being’ with an 8 trk comp
Herzog’s EP ‘Small Loves’ on Audio Gourmet
Randomform – Segment Slipp [Plataforma-LTW]
slept. – torpor.ep
Ferntenn & Glamenco – Noir
reviewed, Sub’s Black Sun EP on Motorlab
Piltdown Sound’s ‘Stimme der Europa’ for bleepsequence
Inigo Kennedy – Magnificent Spaces / Asymmetric
Resting Bell releases new EP ‘As It Is’ by The Inventors of Aircraft (TIOA)
Alinoe’s ‘Rigin’ for netlabel Bumpfoot
Mc94 – Distances 7ca / Offaudio
download Luke’s Anger’s ‘Warble Tone EP’
grab a free Threnody track – ‘No Imagination’
grab ‘The Letter D’ by opti from Acroplane
Copy Your Idols – Of All Things Filthy & Free
Drugstore’s ‘Catarsis’ EP
Nicolas Bernier + Simon Trottier – The Market Fresh / Zymogen
Global Goon’s ‘Earwhig’
the wee djs – Last
Bun-E’s free Bass compilation
Vadz – Nuclear Volgodonsk Remixes / Russian-Techno
Audioexit’s ‘Inner Fear’ by Plastic Loopz
the @Darkfloor Twitter roundup
C Mantle’s ‘Wie Es Eigentlich Gewesen Ist’ EP
netlabel SOL present an EP by From The Mirror
grab Syndetic Recordings EP feat. Molez, Noiz, Dekode + DrumR
‘Go To The Playground’ EP by The Bee for Audioexit
Tyler Smith’s ‘The Clockmaker’
recommended EP – numbercult 3
Breathe Compilation 05
Structura – Karawane live at This Lac 22.08.2009
Drugstore’s ‘Imminent Departure’ EP
Dessben’s free EP ‘Punto Nueve’
Echodub’s Loves Volume 02 comp
Vocode Records’ Ghetto Bass EP by Warsaw Hoolz
Cordell Klier – Going Forth by Day [Cyclene]
Digital Distortions’s free EP – Thoroughly Lost To Logic
Molez’s free EP ‘Routine’ on Acroplane
Friday Found Sound
Friday Found Sound
Noise Network 001 – Machine Cut Grooves