Scape One – Plastic Analysis

Shouts have to go over to Vocode Records boss Mad Wax for highlighting this album to me late last night.

It’s a fresh LP from one of the UKs foremost and established electro producers: Kurt Baggaley, or Scape One as you’ll know him. Releasing Plastic Analysis freely as a thank you to his fans and their support during the past year.

Kurt writes:

A free album of all new material especially for you…

As a thank you to all the friends who have supported Scape One in 2011. A collection of minimal analog electronic grooves and oscillating sound-scapes from the command module.

Please feel free to share, copy, give, mix, add a video to, DJ with, play out, play in, spin, remix, play in the car, on the pod, in the dock or whatever you feel is appropriate. Just remember to include the Scape One deal of approval.

A large back catalogue of Scape One work is available via his Bandcamp profile.

Scape One – Plastic Analysis

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released: 25 Dec 2011


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