Cicuta Netlabel’s ‘Axon’ EP

Since coming into existence last year and picking up from where the now retired purveyors of techno netaudio Offaudio and Antiritmo took us, Madrid based Cicuta Netlabel is firmly entrenching itself as a go to label for multi textured techno.

With a back catalogue of EPs from Voidloss (the devastatingly sharp and essential Relics), Bran Laden, Hyo and label management Drugstore together with two compilation EPs featuring work from i1 Ambivalent, Vegim, Kuniaki Takenaga and Stanislav Tolkachev amongst others, their 7th release has a certain threshold to reach when it comes to what it needs to deliver. And it does.

From the deep and bubbling oceanic Comes To Be And Passes Away by Sweden’s Mattias Fridell into the jarring industrial warehouse grind of George Lanham’s Paradox Of Plenty. Samot goes cerebral on their Evolution with Surit’s Expand keeping the inner cranium vibe with a tight percussive workout and some spellbinding synth waves.

Kill Minimal delivers the curveball, a bleeping squelch deep tech house switch with more than a nod to proggy psychedelic trance. As out of place it might seem on a first listen, it does sit within the range of the labels 3rd compilation. Drugstore step up for the sixth and final piece of Axon presenting Helios; a bold heady driving piece of work.

Various Artists – Axon EP

Mattias Fridell – Comes To Be And Passes Away
George Lanham – Paradox Of Plenty
Samot – Evolution
Surit – Expand
Kill Minimal – In The Way
Drugstore – Helios


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