Jon E Alpha – Clowntown EP

Intergalactic mutant electro bounty hunter Jon E Alpha drops four doses of irradiated funk on this wicked four tracker, out now on Western Panorama Recordings.

Utilizing constantly evolving, hypnotizing drum and synth patterns Alpha is crafting a fresh style that whilst tipping his space helmet to established techno mythologies, occupies its own unique sonic dimension.

Opener ‘Soul Slice‘ lets an atonal metallic bleep drift in and out of a metronomic drum pattern, driven by an oblique yet twisted bassline, the trademark low level vocal loop just serves to further disorientate the listener.

Dropping straight into the lean stripped filter funk of ‘Ttrak‘ the release goes into the upper stratosphere, the upfront lead synth line morphs and snakes around a dislocated echoing voice and submerged electro bleepage. It’s an intense arrangement with no breakdowns, taking you on a proper ride.

Behind the Door‘ assumes a panoramic elevated viewpoint with hovering cloud burst pads and seemingly random melodic tones moving over subtly shifting yet complex clattering percussion loops.

The EP is rounded off with the haunted tones of ‘Last Won Shuffle‘, a detached piece of melancholic utopian funk, the almost subliminal extended vocal sample suggests possibilities of change and metamorphosis as the highly swung beats and keys meander toward the final fade.

Freaks on parade enjoy the trip……

Jon E Alpha’s output impresses me on several levels. Firstly I enjoy the way the tracks start and run their course, avoiding tired drops and obvious edits, working well both as standalone individual head trips and mix tracks for creative DJs.

Secondly, that whilst certainly being futurist his tracks avoid the formulaic dystopian darkness that much techno and electro reflects. The music is optimistic and direct but equally powerful and subversive in its heavy psychedelic intent and unconventional use of audio dynamics.

Finally I respect his approach to releases, not hyping stuff to the max, seemingly aware that good music will find its intended audience eventually thru cosmic osmosis…

Available free through Bandcamp, there is no excuse not to splice this into your collection.

Jon E Alpha – Clowntown E.P.

Soul Slice
Behind The Door
Last Won Shuffle
cat# WPR004


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