omara – Seducing / omaramusic

This release popped onto my radar a few weeks back. Released on German netlabel omaramusic, a platform for German producer omara; Seducing is the label’s 40th release and comprising an original track of an innermind techno tool together with a remix.

If you like loop based hypnotic techno which gradually morphs across its intended 9 minutes of airtime then you’ll gravitate towards Seducing. The drop outs are grainy and textured and add some interesting diversions to an otherwise decent but bass-lite techno tool. I’d have preferred if the kick was just a tad on the fuller side but that’s something that can be remedied in the mix.

Track two, a remix of the title track by fellow German producer tooltech; has a harder kick with an almost gnarly growl brewing. Almost. Feels more hammer against stone than the cerebral focus of the original. Again, it’s decent enough but has less evolution and gradual shift over the tracks length than its original namesake.

omara – Seducing

omara – Seducing
omara – Seducing (tooltech remix)


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