Burnibus vs C Mantle / Acre Recordings

It’s always nice to see music you heard many moons ago see the light as a release. It gets even better when it’s made freely available as this, the 3rd release for the Scottish digital imprint Acre Recordings is.

What’s on offer is a 4 track EP with an original track from both Burnibus and label co-owner C. Mantle (who together with El Wraith look after Acre and its emerging catalogue) together with a remix/version of each other.

It’s the first time I’ve come across the sounds of Burnibus; Manchester based Simon Brown. He opens Signified Other with a deep beat IDM electro stepper. Almost eastern sounding synth work compliment a fractured and delicate drum pattern.

Maverick electronics producer C. Mantle is an old favourite here at Darkfloor whose music has been gracing our radio shows and blog for many years. Laying down a techno rework of his own U235. Never one to produce just one style of dark sound, Chris delivers a foreboding claustrophobic industrial techno workout with drone aplenty. This is a dark track for dark places. Watch out for the midway beat switch up as it goes militant.

Continuing to go off the dark end and taking Burnibus’ opener Treadl with him; C. Mantle comes at you with an equally deep but altogether unsettling rework. The synth programming has an unraveling ebb flow to it similar to that of Aphex Twin’s Bucephalus Bouncing Ball. Headspace dark.

Final of the four comes by way of Burnibus’s remix of C. Mantle’s U235. Taking the regularity of the techno rework we’ve already heard and moving it into more broken techno/step territory. Very nicely done particularly the way Burnibus tightens up the beats with a smoother flow after the offbeat breakdown.

Two great tracks with 2 strong vibe keeping but holding their own remixes for Acre Recordings. Despite having only a few releases under their belt they already have my complete attention, as well as many of you reading this.

Burnibus vs C. Mantle – Signified Other

Burnibus – Treadl
C. Mantle – U235 (Techno Rework)
Burnibus – Treadl (C. Mantle remix)
C. Mantle – U235 (Burnibus’ Step Edit)


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