FMcontrol – Genetic Control Frequencies / Crazy Language

One way to describe FMcontrol‘s 2011 EP for Germany’s Crazy Language netlabel could be that of crunchy loose drenched in squelch, crystals of glittering sound. Bleeps wrapped in slithers of sliced angular intricate fractal is another.

This is my first introduction into the world of Fabio Minardi, an Italian producer working out of Gela, just south of Sicily. It would seem from reading the EPs linear notes that Genetic Control Frequencies is a calmer, less crazy selection of his work. If that’s the case then I’m looking forward to checking out his earlier LP on Crazy Language and his work on the multi European city based brainstormlab together with France’s Bruits NetLabel.

Monolih’s Resonance is a stand out cut for me. Early vocal snippets together with alien like chatters that in part feel like tuning in an old transistor radio in some hallucinogen powered experience. As interesting and ultimately as captivating as it is, it’s far too short and I would have loved to have been able to explore that world more. But then the EP itself is, with the 7 minute PpatoSciro O Sciroppato the single exception; a collection of short, sweetly stabs of acid soaked electronica.

It’s on PpatoSciro O Sciroppato that the somewhat demented producers flow is really let loose as Fabio explores a world that flips between a track whose vibe you can get into between that of something all the more abstract with the snappy electro playing host to subtle dropouts and shifts. Offbeat synth against beat.

For me and my introductions into Fabio’s sound I really enjoyed letting my ears soak up the sound and hit repeat just as soon as it had finished. I’m now off to check out his back catalogue.

FMcontrol – Genetic Control Frequencies

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FMcontrol – Bosone75Master1 Mix
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FMcontrol – Monolih’s Resonance
FMcontrol – PpatoSciro O Sciroppato
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