Inigo Kennedy – Walls Have Fears on Asymmetric

All throughout last year London based cerebral techno mastermind Inigo Kennedy gave up to the world and his download button a monthly series of cracking mixes.

Going into 2012 we’re greeted with both a new mix, more on that shortly, and a new release from his netlabel Asymmetric. So what’s in the box, or file folder if you will.

Well, for the 21st Asymmetric’s MP3 release five tracks make up the EP that is; Walls Have Fears.

First out of the box is Cautum. A shimmering resonated beat that feels like a train chugging along a well driven path. Maybe it’s the overall fuzzy finish but Cautum is the kind of track that feels sort of dusty having been lovingly played for years.

Squirkle feels much more current; bass music current. A loose feeling drum beat with that hypnotic looping synth rise. It builds into a sharper and darker track with filtered, slicing hats and a downbeat synth-drone.

Midway through the EP and Sentinel Four continues in the dark with a reflective and to my ears at least; sci-fi themed piece of harder and bleaker beat work that gets unsettling and abstract at the breakdown. A difficult track perhaps to pull off in the club.

I can’t put my finger on what Nocturnal reminds me off, but that melody… it’s on the tip of my tongue. Going into a more melodic, but still pretty dark headspace, Nocturnal is one of those classic sounding IDM tracks from back then, that you know and love, together with the forward thud of a good solid techno piece.

Final of the five belongs to Speechless, a track featuring the vocal talent and dexterity of British singer/songwriter Laska. The classically-trained and multi-instrumentalist Kate Tustain adds a touch of the beautiful and serene to close Walls Have Fears, another strong EP from Mr Kennedy.


Inigo Kennedy – Cautum
Inigo Kennedy – Squirkle
Inigo Kennedy – Sentinel Four
Inigo Kennedy – Nocturnal
Inigo Kennedy – Speechless feat. Laska
ca# ASYMP3021


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