Chordata – Bringers of the Dawn / Militant Science

Hailing from Glasgow is the sometime shapeshifter, sometime cat, sometime seagull and occasional question mark: Chordata.

Heading up the 38th release for London’s Militant Science netlabel she lays down 8 fast paced, melody rich electro bass pieces. Griffin, Feline Domination and Samhain are our stand out cuts.

Griffin we’ve be lucky enough to have for a good few months. Upfront, sharp kick stabs with a wet acid line. Add to that an infectious synth hook and you’ve got a crowd pleaser.

Similar vibes are felt on Feline Domination though it’s just that bit a harder track. Vocoded vox, growling synths and fast beats. To the point.

Darker cut Samhain goes for the more deranged on its synth. It’s no less upfront though.

An EP designed straight for the dancefloor.

Chordata – Bringers of the Dawn

Chordata – Nocturnal Predator
Chordata – Griffin
Chordata – Feline Domination
Chordata – Mr Morris
Chordata – Apocalypse No
Chordata – The Epic of Gilgamesh
Chordata – Samhain
Chordata – Evil Aquarium

cat# MSIA038 / released 03 Dec 2011


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