Scanner – Voyager: Amongst Others

Yesterday afternoon Robin Rimbaud, better know as producer extraordinaire Scanner informed me of his new album Voyager: Amongst others. He has since also made it available as a CD, details below.

Composed and released as a single sonic piece bridging the sometimes connected worlds of found sound and musique concrète with the music arrangement and sequencing dexterity of Scanner. The result? A beautiful captivating journey from the first few seconds.

Travel and music have a close relationship. Each day, thousands of people stare out of the window of a train, accompanied by music from their MP3 player. The music almost functions as a soundtrack for the film that passes in front of your eyes. In addition, the repetitive, rhythmic sound of a moving train is used extensively in music, both classical and more modern pieces.

In the composition Voyager: Amongst others British multimedia artist/musician Scanner ‘scans’ the cultural landscape of the Dutch section of the high-speed railway line. The names of places play a crucial role in his empirical investigation of the local significance of language and identity; not only because of their linguistic and topographic aspects, but also because place-names often refer to historical figures, old trades and events, and thus evoke cultural-historic associations with regard to local traditions and folk customs.

In his composition Scanner mixes recorded sounds (the sound of trains, public address announcements in stations, conversations, church bells, barrel organs, birds in the wind) into a mystic ‘soundscape’, with which he constructs a mental bridge between the world of the individual traveler in the train and the landscape outside through which the train races.

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Since I began writing this article an interesting development has presented itself. Following large interest in a limited CD version of his LP, Robin has decided to make the CD more readily available with all the money raised going to charity, specifically the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

His brother has lived with this condition his entire life and is something very close to Robin’s heart, so earlier today he set up a Justgiving page where you can donate however much you wish for a signed CD of Voyager: Amongst others.


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