Àrtico Netlabel presents ‘Broadcast’ by JM

The work of José Merinero, Broadcast is an EP of 6 tracks released earlier this month for netlabel Artico based out of Madrid.

A collection of melancholic downbeat electronica, played out like waves of lightly placed bundles of tamed and focused electronic static. Track Old Routines, New Routes feels both to be pure processed electronics and in many ways quite clinical but with a flow; like metallic alloy wind-chimes in some near future night-time forest. There is quite the subtly to Merinero’s work, an artist I first heard back in November when his Between EP also on Artico, was released. He produces music that feels worked long into the night and repeatedly refined, tweak by tweak. Honed.

On Transmission the style and placing of that drawn out synth lends the track a classic vibe; whilst the rest of supporting sound moves the track forward purposely, bridging that gap between deep techno and more flung out science fiction abstract inspired leftfield electro. I’m conscious that the term IDM is somewhat a catch-up term these days, but for those who can appreciate what was once termed IDM back in the 90s Merinero’s work sits happily and proudly in that sphere.

Dark drones present themselves in The Creature, more a morose detatched glacial feel than Broadcast has shown so far, but no less beautiful. It builds into a more pronounced structure, high flutters of sequenced noise sit above a small grinding machine.

Dark Streets continues with dark but reflective synth work. Almost dystopian but not, different, like there is hope, that it’s not all gone to the dogs. I want to say the synth and the overall vibe of the track feels Drexciyan in nature, and it does but it’s different, it’s out there sure, but somewhere else.

Precise, deep and reflective electronica; late night headspace.

JM – Broadcast

JM – Across The Fields
JM – Old Routines, New Routes
JM – Transmission
JM – The Creature
JM – Dark Streets
JM – A Journey Of No Return

released 18 February 2012
Music by JM / Photo & Design by @cajadeabismos & @articonetlabel

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