the wee djs – Chase

Ah yes. Arriving in my inbox over the weekend came news of a new release from one of our favourite electro producers: the wee djs.

I’ve written about Dave Paton; the singular man responsible for the multiple personality implied production alias a fair few times on Darkfloor already and no doubt it will continue into 2012 as Dave keeps working his machines. And working his machines is what he does, damn well too.

His work continues to sound raw, free and with an instinctive almost playful, demented, groove to it. It also sounds like hardware he is jamming on. Even, and perhaps specifically because of that, he can be quite a unique voice in electro. A genre which is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence as hipster approved artists of ‘bass music’ and the dying early dubstep crew embrace and release it.

the wee djs have been at it for years and this level of accomplished ability shows with Chase (and indeed Dave’s back catalogue). Chase is the 2nd in a planned series of 7 EPs which continues what Drive began last month.

It’s not over produced, it’s straight to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if these tracks are mostly straight from live jams. That’s not a problem, some producers have a skill at translating an idea, a groove, a rhythm, quickly as they know their machines/tools inside out. Dave has that vibe about his sound. And whether he slams out jams over a weekend or hones them down over months it doesn’t matter, what does matter is it’s another EP of his full of damn fine, electro. Damn fine electro which you can grab for free, or pay what you want for and support him directly.

With 2 sterling EPs already in this as yet unnamed series, the pressure is on for Dave to deliver on the 3rd which we hope will see the light early in 2012.

the wee djs – Chase

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cat# TMIB 021 / released 10 Dec 2011


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