P-Hocto’s Don’t mix for St. Paddy’s

Last weekend Jerome Hill threw a special Don’t party. Coinciding with St Patrick’s Day he bought to London a fine selection of Irish techno fanatics (or DJs if you like) – Sunil Sharpe, Spookhouse and P-Hocto.

If you’re wondering Don’t is the name of his record label, of 14 years. A brilliant record label that pushes out some rough n ready warehouse party style on vinyl. Where was I… oh yeah. P-Hocto managed to salvage the recording of his set and here we are. Don’t expect 90 minutes of chin stroking Berlin finest, do expect bass, warbles, filth and rinse. And AFX, Landstrumm, LFO, The Mover, Birken,¬†Tarrida, Exile, Reeko and…

This is P-Hocto’s no skool mayhem.

P-Hocto – Don’t St. Paddy’s Mix
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EeOo – Battery Baby
Paul Birken – Dry Heave
Lory D – Live from the Colosseum
The Kosmik Kommando – Emoterritorial
Tim Exile – Inseminov
Cari Lekebusch – Frammatstupasnedskevsvang
Luke’s Anger – Tear Shit Up (3d!t remix)
AFX – .000890569
Scorn – Super Mantis (Blackmass Plastics remix)
Dave Tarrida – Terminally Yours
Dave Tarrida & Lars sandberg – Supa Hammer
Midi Miliz – The Missing Guest (Tony Rohr remix)
Neil Landstrumm – Diamond Taxation
Neil Landstrumm – Tension
Anodyne – The Art Of Fire
Mark Broom – Acid Dik (Beat Mix)
The Mover – Worship The End
Underworld – Moaner
Thomas P. Heckmann – Out Of Mind 2006
Mustard Gunn vs Onken – Take No Prisoners
LFO – Flu-shot [Kringlan]
Clark – Gonk Roughage
Jamie Lidell – Freely Freekin
Raato – Pet-Droid
Reeko – Methodical
Subhead – Atomic Wind
DJ Producer – XTC 1992-2002
Cristian Vogel – (Don’t) Take More (Jamie Lidell remix)
Fokus Group – Mucky Crack Funk
Blackmass Plastics – Doomatron
Chris McCormack – Erase Techno A1
Vogelspeed – 001 Untitled B
Jerome Hill & Rob Stow – Work That Sukker


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