Horror Brawl – live at Detatched 2009-05-09

Another one from the Horror Brawl guys, and it’s an electro beast. Recorded live at their recent performance at the immense Detatched night up in Leeds, UK.

Horror Brawl – live at Detatched 09.05.2009

Señor Frio – Sub Noctum (Ion Driver remix 2) [Digital Distortions]
Bitstream – Bass Movement [Modern Love]
Ed Chamberlain – Medicine [Digital Distortions]
5% nation of Casiotone – Static Lock [Krack-tronik]
Ed Devane, Redmonk & Thatboytim – Guilty Feet Got No Rhythm [Takeover]
Dopplereffekt – Speak & Spell [Dataphysix]
Radioactive Man – Suitybloke [Rotters Golf Club]
Sir Real – I’m Breathing [Krack-tronik]
Justin Maxwell – Pillow Filter [Pretension]
Mark Hawkins – Crowd Control [Uglyfunk]
Scanone – Let’s Go [Digital Distortions]
Lusine – Near Site [Ghostly International]
RAC – Doublejointed [Warp]
Jacen Solo – UR Mind [Digital Distortions]
Thatboytim – Past The End [Kaboogie]
Radioactive Man – The Mezz (The Chairman’s remix) [Rotters Golf Club]
Lifecycle – On The Vine (Ion Driver Remix)
Silicon Scally – Borexino [Spacebarsentiments]
Deadman DJ – Get Low [unreleased]
Scanone – Skip [Combat Recordings]
B12 – Omni Therapy [B12]
Uberzone – The Brain (Braindusted) [City of Angels]
Synapse – Fear of Force [Digital Distortions]


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