Horror Brawl – live at Detatched 09.05.2009

Another one from the Horror Brawl guys, and it’s an electro beast. Recorded live at their recent performance at the immense Detatched night up in Leeds, UK.

Horror Brawl – live at Detatched 09.05.2009

Señor Frio – Sub Noctum (Ion Driver remix 2) [Digital Distortions]
Bitstream – Bass Movement [Modern Love]
Ed Chamberlain – Medicine [Digital Distortions]
5% nation of Casiotone – Static Lock [Krack-tronik]
Ed Devane, Redmonk & Thatboytim – Guilty Feet Got No Rhythm [Takeover]
Dopplereffekt – Speak & Spell [Dataphysix]
Radioactive Man – Suitybloke [Rotters Golf Club]
Sir Real – I’m Breathing [Krack-tronik]
Justin Maxwell – Pillow Filter [Pretension]
Mark Hawkins – Crowd Control [Uglyfunk]
Scanone – Let’s Go [Digital Distortions]
Lusine – Near Site [Ghostly International]
RAC – Doublejointed [Warp]
Jacen Solo – UR Mind [Digital Distortions]
Thatboytim – Past The End [Kaboogie]
Radioactive Man – The Mezz (The Chairman’s remix) [Rotters Golf Club]
Lifecycle – On The Vine (Ion Driver Remix)
Silicon Scally – Borexino [Spacebarsentiments]
Deadman DJ – Get Low [unreleased]
Scanone – Skip [Combat Recordings]
B12 – Omni Therapy [B12]
Uberzone – The Brain (Braindusted) [City of Angels]
Synapse – Fear of Force [Digital Distortions]


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