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Mantis Radio 47 – Jerome Hill

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Jerome Hill – the underground rave legend himself – steps up w/ an extended guest mix. Before that, music from Datassette, OG, Logical Disorder, Sting Inge Oy, Concrete DJz and more.

OG – Seeker [midnightminustwo]
Sting Inge Oy – Smoke [Test Tube]
Sting Inge Oy – Every City is a Prison [Test Tube]
Tony Bernardo – Millport [Naima Recordings]
Actraiser – Believe You [unreleased]
Zillion – Resurrection [unreleased]
Dubit – Who? [Micro Label]
Datassette – Follow That Sphere []
Stephane Vera – Peppermint Funk (Si Begg remix) [Nice + Smooth]
Synchronoise – Ghost Orcid [unreleased]
Dropout – Mutan Activity [Offaudio]
Concrete DJz – The Show [Armatura]
Concrete DJz – New Age [Armatura]
Rogue Frequency – Freefall [Takeover Recordings]
Asset – Peak Limiter (Ion Driver remix) [unreleased]
Logical Disorder – Come To Me I Want To Show You Something [Nulogic]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Curve 2 [Noxgenus]

Bernard Herrman – Diary of a Taxi Driver (narrated by Robert De Niro)
Umwelt – Telek  [Shelter]
Paul Birken – Drudgery [Don’t]
The Gruffians – The Power [Gruff]
Bjorn Svin – Eat Like Hawk [RSB]
Bjorn Svin – Heated + Muted [Don’t]
Clark – The Magnet Mine [Warp]
Subhead – Keep Calm [Predicaments]
Armand van Helden – Donkey  [Strictly Rhythm]
Rude Solo – Slate Resk Rotters Golf Club]
Dexter – Intruder [Klakson]
Warlock – Black Bag of Doom [Coin Operated]
Neil Landstumm – Can’t See Me [Planet Mu]
Reso – If You Can’t Beat Em Join Em [Civil]
Kromestar – Pissed Off [Dubstar]
Project Bassline – Drop the Pressure [Cheap Thrills]
Jason Leach – If Anyone Asks [Merchurochrome]
Justin Berkovi – G + G Nights [Predicaments]
NoYeahNo – Chaotic Crash [Rag + Bone]
Housemeister – Rambo [Boyznoize]
Paris Mitchell – Computer [Dance Mania]
The Streets – Don’t Mug Yourself (Big$hot remix)
The Pump Panel – To the Sky (Fred + Lenk remix) [Missile]
Pirate Soundsystem – My Dimension [Coin Operated]
Luke’s Anger – Tear Shit Up (3d!T remix) [Bonus Round]

Featured Guest

Jerome Hill started DJing in 1990 and since his first residency on the infamous 90’s soundsystem ‘JIBA’, playing illegal warehouse parties across London and the UK he has bought his own unique take on electronic dance music to world renown hotspots including Tresor (Berlin), House of God (Birmingham), Eurobeat 2000 (London), Circuito (Sao Paulo) and Glade Festival (UK); is resident at UglyFunk and BLOC Weekend and co runs ‘Swerved’ in London.

Hill has played tiny sweat boxes and massive clubs and festivals all around the world from Japan to Venezuala, Poland to Malta with a special love for Brasil where he played in over 40 towns and cities including to 20,000 people at the 2004 A.M.E. parade in Sao Paulo.

For seven years ending in 2004 he managed Camden Town’s ‘Dragon Disks’ and ‘Trackheads’ record shops, punting out all manor of weird and wonderful music to London and it’s visitors.

His label Don’t has been releasing maverick technoid music since 2000 and shows no sign of slowing down. His productions can be found on many other labels.

His eclecticism and genuine love of music enables him to spin virtually any style with integrity .. from thundering techno and old skool, right through to low slung funk, dancehall and party hiphop.

Although his favourite sets are the long ones where he incorporates all of the above and more. A surprise is always just around the corner!

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